Meet The Team


President / CEO

Connect Central was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Tva Parks. With her immense black book, Tva has been connecting individuals and businesses with the resources they need for more than 20 years, earning her the nickname, “!” Tva has turned her sharp business acumen and passion for people into an effervescent business. With offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Tva is creating countless successful business partnerships on an international scale. While dedicating time from early morning meetings to late night calls to assist clients, she also dedicates her time to mentoring young women entering the professional workforce as well as to teens interested in business through the non-profit organization Teen Entrepreneurs of Las Vegas.

Kayo Anderson

Director of PR / Marketing

Working from the Los Angeles office, Kayo Anderson boasts more than 10 years of PR experience. With a vast knowledge of target markets and demographics, this brilliant member of MENSA touts relationships with Hollywood celebrities and industry insiders. Creating a platform and narrative for both brands and individual entities, he leverages the power of press for greater awareness, share of voice, and the expansion of client business operations. Kayo specializes in various sectors of cross-branding, marketing, and international mainstream-media exposure. He is an expert at defining, developing, and the implementation of dynamic expansion and/or launch strategies.

Our Core Principles

Connect Central conducts business based on our core principles set in place to enhance our daily ventures! Our core principles are intended to promote a lawful and ethical environment. Its purpose is to ensure that the company and those acting on its behalf conduct business accordingly:

1. Diversity

a. At Connect Central, “diversity” refers to the various characteristics that make us unique. We are expected to treat each other, clients and vendors fairly and with respect.

2. Client-Business Commitment

a. We strive to avoid activities that undermine business judgment. Such activities include accepting or offering things of significant value from or to any vendor, client, or competitor of Connect Central and engaging in any business arrangement or other transaction that conflicts with the best interests of the company.
b. Each client receives personalized attention, strict confidentiality and resources proven to enhance notability.

3. Company Commitment

a. Records Management – Maintaining proper record keeping is essential to meeting out obligations to clients, future employees and investors.