Testimonials and Endorsements

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been a pleasure working with Ms. Parks for the past eight years. I have had many opportunities to interact with Ms. Parks and have grown to know her quite well. Whether it is through the production of music, radio station connections or being a liaison for potential film acquisitions, she has always displayed a high standard of professionalism, work ethic and passion for her work.

Ms. Parks differs from other individuals in the entertainment arena because she is always willing to go above the call of duty to enhance team camaraderie and generate effective results.

She sacrifices so much of her personal time in an effort to provide the best quality product possible. Ms. Parks’ undying thirst for the knowledge of all things related to the entertainment industry puts her head and shoulders above any of her counterparts. This is the type of dedication and resolve that will lead Connection Central Corporation to insurmountable heights of success.

I strongly, and highly, recommend Ms. Parks for any type of business dealings. She is an extremely creative, bright and resourceful visionary who truly flourishes in every environment in which she is placed. I am confident that you will not be disappointed in your investment in this incredible person.

Endorsement - One Village
Brett Dismuke
Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Urban Programming
One Village Entertainment / Image Entertainment / RLJ Entertainment
To Whom It May Concern:
Tva Parks and Connect Central Corporation

I am delighted, in my capacity of as CEO of QirrraSound Technologies, LLC, to endorse Tva Parks and Connect Central Corporation to you.

I have known Tva since July 2012 and in that time, have recognized and embraced her talent for connecting great people with other great people and making sure that “things get done”.

Tva’s talent for recognizing a great opportunity is admirable but it doesn’t stop there. Her infectious enthusiasm and excellent interpersonal skills are just two critical elements that made me stop in my tracks and say; “I need to get to know this lady. She’s the real deal”. Indeed she is because since getting to know Tva, I’ve also recognized that she is extremely well connected, extremely driven, extremely client success conscious, and simply, an all-round great lady!

One element that I particularly like about Tva is her desire to accomplish a true win-win-win success outcome. This is rare in any business situation and for me, it means sustained relationships and long term success for all parties. It’s difficult to find new clients but to retain their loyalty is even more difficult. Tva makes sure that a business relationship is sustainable before she even transacts with all sides of the relationship. Very smart!

I’m very excited for QirraSound Technologies, LLC to be associated with Tva and Connect Central as I foresee some great connections being made in the professional sound industry. Because of my faith in Tva and Connect Central, I have also connected her with Active Life Systems; an organization that is positioned to change the face of health care in the USA and I see Connect Central being an integral part of its success.

In the time that I’ve known Tva and Shannon, I have been sincerely impressed with their tenacity, high level ethics, strong customer centric position, and no nonsense approach to getting things done. Tva has introduced me to some key people in the sound industry that I would not have been able to connect with had I not know Tva. My relationship with these contacts is accelerating because of Tva’s credibility with them and I am extremely thankful for this opportunity to be associated with her.

Tva is creating an organization which, in my opinion, is refreshing and much needed in these times of trouble. I trust Tva implicitly and invite you to contact me should you require further information or clarification of any point.
Endorsement - QirraSound
Alan Boyer, Ph.D., MBA
CEO, QirraSound™ Technologies, LLC
Teen Entrepreneurs of Las Vegas is pleased to endorse Tva Parks CEO of Connect Central, known for her highly motivating community leadership efforts and participation in the statewide youth conferences for young Entrepreneurs.

She is involved in the organization and development of the statewide conference and education events. Committees, community activities and the knowledge gained will be a great benefit to our organization and youth.

Tva Park has volunteered with the Teen Entrepreneurs of Las Vegas Organization for 7 years and currently serves as a premier volunteer.

We are pleased to provide support to Tva‘s and Connect Central’s endeavors.

Best Regards,
Endorsement - TEOLV
Lydia High
Executive Director
Dear fellow business professional,

It is my pleasure to recommend Tva Parks and her company Connect Central Corporation. She has proven her value as a source of knowledge and resourcefulness to my company and others through capital introduction and sending business opportunities to my corporation, Virtual Blast, Inc., as well as my associates companies. The areas we have worked with Tva include bringing mobile marketing, voice, data and data security consulting through Connect Central to numerous clients. Tva and Connect Central have significantly helped expand our brand.

I am available to speak and expand on Tva’s work ethic and the value of Connect Central although a new business.

Best Regards,
Steve Crawford
President and CEO Virtual Blast, Inc
To Whom It May Concern:

It is my inclination to endorse Ms. Tva Parks and her newly established company, Connect Central Corporation. I have known and worked with Tva for the past eight years; within that time frame Tva has demonstrated superb business ethic, devotion and charisma.

Tva has aligned Zipway with strategic partners in sports, marketing and public relations. Most recently Tva connected Zipway with the United States Professional Basketball League headlining in 2014!

Tva has also assisted Zipway in other aspects of our business including producing our promotional video, which is viewable on You Tube, and conducting presentations and demonstrations of our products.

I am also the owner of The Network Group; Connect Central has been instrumental in fostering new relationships in the Las Vegas market. Tva’s passion for connecting prospects with suitable opportunities and completing each correlation adroitly and effectively has proven exceedingly successful over the years. I am confident in all business dealings with Tva and it is always a pleasure to work with her!

I favorably recommend TVA Parks and Connect Central for all business relations you may be considering; I am very confident you will not be disappointed.

I am available should you need further amplification regarding Tva Parks and Connect Central Corporation.

Endorsement - Zipway Jackie Baker
Jackie Baker
Zipway Partner
My name is Tony Gray president of Gray Communications a media service company based in Chicago. My company provides consulting services for all media outlets with an emphasis in Radio Broadcasting. It is this aspect of my job that gave me the opportunity to work with Tva Parks.

From 2002 to 2005 I was consulting an Urban AC Radio station in Las Vegas where Tva was employed in the programming department. Even though our transactions were not every day, I can say that Tva showed an exceptional work ethic and work quality in everything she did. Tva displayed not only responsibility in and around the office, but productivity taking on large projects with little or no supervision and completing those projects in a timely manner. Tva takes orders well, is a good team player, dependable and can work well on her own without the need for micro-management.

I recently learned of Tva’s new company, Connect Central Corporation, and even though I have not personally used her service I can assure you the work qualities I mentioned above will serve her well with this new adventure. And I can attest to the fact that Tva will go above and beyond to satisfy clients and investors with the wide range of services that are offered by her company, Connect Central Corporation.

I am proud to be able to recommend Tva Parks on this level and would be happy to do so in the future.

Tony Gray
President – Gray Communications