What Our Clients Say About Us

“Tva has proven her value as a source of knowledge and resourcefulness to my company and others through capital introduction and sending business opportunities to my corporation. The areas we have worked with Tva include bringing mobile marketing, voice, data and data security consulting through Connect Central to numerous clients. Tva and Connect Central have significantly helped expand our brand.”
Steve Crawford
President and CEO, Virtual Blast, Inc.
“Tva has demonstrated superb business ethic, devotion and charisma. Tva has aligned Zipway with strategic partners in sports, marketing and public relations. Tva has also assisted Zipway in other aspects of our business including producing our promotional video and conducting presentations and demonstrations of our products. I am confident in all business dealings with Tva and it is always a pleasure to work with her!”
Jackie Baker
Partner, Zipway
“Kayo has come through time and time again and has always executed beyond expectations. He is reliable and genuine, both difficult to find in either the communications or film industries. Additionally, his creativity is unparalleled, and no matter the problem he will find a unique angle to attack from to ensure maximum return."
Lester Clowes
Head of School at Fusion Academy
“I have known Tva since July 2012 and in that time, have recognized and embraced her talent for connecting great people with other great people and making sure that “things get done.” Tva makes sure that a business relationship is sustainable before she even transacts with all sides of the relationship. Very smart! Tva has introduced me to some key people in the sound industry that I would not have been able to connect with had I not know Tva. My relationship with these contacts is accelerating because of Tva’s credibility with them and I am extremely thankful for this opportunity to be associated with her.”
Alan Boyer, Ph.D., MBA
CEO, QirraSound™ Technologies, LLC
“My work with Kayo Anderson and his team has been a very fulfilling experience. His creativity and knowledge of consumer products and branding has been extremely beneficial. What I appreciate most about working with Kayo is his ability to deliver expected results and then some.”
David Davis
President, Anything For You
“Ms. Parks differs from other individuals in the entertainment arena because she is always willing to go above the call of duty to enhance team camaraderie and generate effective results. Whether it is through the production of music, radio station connections or being a liaison for potential film acquisitions, she has always displayed a high standard of professionalism, work ethic and passion for her work.”
Brett Dismuke
Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Urban Programming One Village Entertainment / Image Entertainment / RLJ Entertainment